Saturday, December 1, 2012

Sephora Limited Edition Makeup Palette - Color Daze Blockbuster

I received an early Christmas present this week! My husband got me the Sephora Collection Color Daze Blockbuster Limited Edition Makeup Palette (he said I could open it early for a review and some other blogging stuffs and re-wrap it for Christmas, yay!), it's $49.50USD and it says it's a $370 value. I hate it when they say how much it's really worth, it's like no. No it is not worth $370 or else you would be selling it for $370. Duh. But it's still a huge palette with tons of stuff going on, so let's get started. And just so ya know, this is going to be seriously picture heavy.
 Disclaimer: I purchased this product with my own funds, I am not being paid or compensated by the company in question. My opinions are entirely my own.
As you can see it has lovely shiny packaging, pretty standard Sephora with some pretty little festive multicolored circles. Nothing fancy, but still appealing.
And here's the palette itself. It folds up into a cube and has a latch on the top which seems to be quite sturdy.
And t folds out like this. Honestly I'm pretty impressed with the amount of products I get for $50. The set contains (3) 3-in-1 luminizers, 6 eye top coats, 12 cream eyeliners, 42 bright eyeshadows, 22 neutral eyeshadows, 6 lip top coats, 48 lip glosses, (6) 3-in-1 eye, lip and cheek creams, and 3 blushes. So yeah, a ton of product. Not gonna lie, I was super stoked when I got this for Christmas.
And here's a close up of the left side which contains (going left to right here) the 3-in-1 luminizers, the eye top coats, the cream eyeliners, and the color eyeshadows.
3-in-1 luminizers
Here's a swatch of all three luminizers. There's a neutral, gold, and silver luminizer in this palette. All three are quite pretty, very shimmery, and they go on really creamy. I was so happy that these are nice as I have very little for luminzers in my makeup bag. I am particularly fond of the gold luminizer, it's just a really pretty shade of gold.
eye top coats
And the swatches of the eye top coats. the first three are really light and barely show up in the photo, they just add shimmer. I really like the deep charcoal color, I can't even describe it. It's just so perfect texture wise. It goes on smooth, soft and creamy all at the same time. But they all go on just fine, the darker colors would be great for a smoky eye, they seem to smudge just right for it, I'll post a smoky eye later using some of these.
cream eyeliners
 And the eyeliners. I loved them, seriously loved them. I swatched all of them here, and as you can see the colors are great. In all fairness the black liner is lacking, it's not like wow! that's black! It's just kinda weak. But the other colors. Wow the silver and the green. Like I am so excited to use these 2 colors specifically. They are soooooo creamy and pigmented and they are like high shine. The gold too, and the copper. Well pretty much all of the colors but the black are awesome like that (not all of them are high shine though) I just prefer the silver and green to the other colors. I was so pleased with the cream liners in this palette. Makes me want to buy the full size liners. Love this shit. For real.
color eyeshadows
Here are just a few random swatches from the colored eyeshadows. I didn't prime my arm or anything, and the colors went on smooth not chalky at all. I guess I wish the bright colors were more vibrant, but maybe with primer or if I applied the shadows wet they'd pop a little more.  There's a nice mix of matte and shimmer colors as well.

And here's the middle of the palette which contains the neutral shadows as well as 2 eyeshadow applicators and a mini lip brush. I haven't used the shadow applicators, but I did use the lip brush and it's iffy. It was really stiff when I took it out, like almost crunchy stiff. But after I had used it for a few swatches it became more manageable, and I actually kind of liked it for my lips.
neutral eyeshadows
Here's some swatches from the neutral shadows. Again there is a nice mix of shimmer and matte colors. The white is fabulous. It goes on super creamy and is really vibrant. I also really enjoy the matte browns, they're all pretty creamy and pigmented. Major win.
This is the right side of the palette and it contains the lip top coats, the lip glosses, the 3-in-1 eye, lip and cheek creams, and the blushes. I didn't bother to swatch the lip top coats, I tried one and it made for a really horrible swatch so I removed it.
lip glosses
These are some random swatches from the lip glosses. Some of the glosses seemed a little thin, but for the most part they are pretty nice. Most of them are really closer to lipsticks than glosses because they are super pigmented and more creamy less sticky. Lots of fun colors to play with. :)
3-in-1 eye, lip and cheek creams
I swatched all 6 of the multipurpose creams and they're all very creamy and seem to have appropriate pigmentation. The brassier colors I obviously won't be wearing on my face or lips, but they would make for awesome eyeshadow. Don't have much to say about these, they are what they say they are, nothing more nothing less.
These are the three blushes and they go on quite well. Very blendy and what not. All three seem to be on the more neutral/natural side which is probably a good thing as it makes it more versatile for a larger demographic, but I wish there would have been a brighter pink or peach or something. But they are good colors, just not very diverse.
Overall this palette is a great purchase for $49.50. There's a little bit of something for everyone in here and I would so recommend you pick this up before it's gone. Til next time!


  1. What primer do you use? If you tried a tacky white one it would make the colors very vibrant. I use the NYX one all the time and it works amazing, it even makes really cheap drug store shadows look incredible.

  2. I actually usually just use my e.l.f. concealer most of the time because it has a pretty good consistency for such things. Is NYX drugstore or will I have to order it on Sephora?

  3. You can get it at Ulta or sometimes ghetto beauty supply stores, haha.

    1. Dude, I love ghetto beauty supply stores. I used to live down the road from TNT, and me and my old RM would walk down there all the time. They actually get some pretty awesome shoes sometimes.

  4. This looks awesome but there is noway I would use everything in that cube! Still, I want for the novelty!

    I have ordered a lot of products from E.l.f last week including the all over cover stick and the eyelid primer, I'm just waiting for my order to arrive! Good to see someone has pretty good things to say about them, you never know ordering online!

    1. Yeah, there are definitely some things in this palette that I like never use, but I like having them there if I ever do need them. And yeah, I know that totally makes me sound like a hoarder, lol. But the eyeshadows and liners were really what I wanted the palette for, and I do use them a lot, so definitely worth it.
      Hope you like your e.l.f. products!

  5. Wow! I'm so jealous there is no Sephora in the UK. MASSIVELY!


    1. That's such a bummer! Sephora is my favorite beauty retailer. I'll have to do a Sephora Collection giveaway for my oversea readers. :)

  6. I wish i lived in USA! Im reading some reviews on this pallete. Here in Brazil, it costs $250. I hope its worthed. Loved your review!

    1. I'm not sure of the exchange rate between the US and Brazil, but that price seems a bit steep. Granted I love this palette and use it most every time I wear makeup, but that's a lot of money for a palette. If you end up buying it, you will enjoy it. It's absolutely fabulous.
      And thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed my review. :)