Saturday, December 29, 2012

e.l.f. Essentials Brightening Eye Color - Day 2 Night

Okey dokey, today I have e.l.f.'s Brightening Eye Color in Day 2 Night to share with you all. For those of you who don't know, e.l.f.'s Brightening Eye Colors are little quads that they have in a variety of color combos. I reviewed their Punk Funk Brightening Eye Color a couple months back and totally loved it, so I was pretty excited to try some more of their little quads.
Disclaimer: I purchased this product with my own funds, I am not being paid or compensated by the company in question. My opinions are entirely my own.
Day 2 Night
The packaging says that the Brightening Eye Color is "Long-lasting, easy blending color; Instantly brightens and defines; Eyes look fresh and wide awake." And to this I say bull. This quad makes for lovely swatches and that's about it.
For these swatches I did apply over a primer, and they look fine. You can barely see the lightest of the colors, but I'm super pale so that's to be expected. What I didn't expect was the extreme difference in texture between the colors. The lightest color is really nice and creamy with no color fallout, the purple color was so soft it was crumbly and had a ton of fallout, the green is a creamy texture which is quite pleasant except that it has a ton of unexpected fallout, and the bronze color was so soft it was chalky but with almost no fallout.
But I was like whatever, I'll just be really careful when applying. Yeah. That did not work. There was so much fallout from the purple (even after I tapped the brush out) that it just kind of blended in with the bronze. The green barely showed up, apparently all the real pigment was in the fallout, and what was left on my eye barely looked green at all. the bronze went on fine as did the light cream color, though I had to seriously layer the cream color to get it to show up as even a little highlight. Oh and the shimmer from the bronze worked it's way pretty well everywhere.
For this look I applied the bronze on the lid, the purple in the crease, the green on the lower lash line, and the cream on the brow. Can you tell? Kind of, sort of, it's a stretch.
So is it a long-lasting, easy blending color? Yes and no. It doesn't last all that long as it all falls out. And yes, I did apply these colors over an eyelid primer. But it is very easy to blend. So easy in fact that it all just kind of blends together into a funk color.
Does it instantly brighten and define? Sort of. There's enough glitter in that bronze to brighten up any eye, but define? I think not. The massive amount of fallout kills any real chance at definition.
Do the eyes look fresh and wide awake? Loaded question. I was wide awake when I took the photo and I would love for someone to explain to me how a living eye can not look fresh. Were my eyes stale before or something?
So yeah. Day 2 Night quad, you are a terrifically horrible fail. This is the first e.l.f. product that I have purchased that made me think "Yah, I can really tell that was just a dollar." And for those who would defend this product simply because it only costs $1, get over it. e.l.f. has a ton of awesome products for $1 and this is far below their standards.
This probably goes w/o saying, but I will never repurchase this particular product. It was a serious fail and will probably sit at the bottom of my makeup bag for the rest of eternity. Major disappointment.
Feel free to drop a comment, let me know if you've had a similar or different experience with this product. Til next time!

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