Friday, December 14, 2012

Super Cute Santa Nails

I was cruising through Pinterest and saw some super cute Santa themed nails and I thought, "Hey, I can totally do that!" So I did, and they are adorable so I thought I should share them. Hope you like!
For this design you'll need red nail polish, white nail polish, nude nail polish, black nail art lacquer, pink nail art lacquer, a sparkly silver nail art lacquer, and a clear top coat.

Start by applying the nude polish over the entire nail on your middle finger and the red polish on all the others. Repeat.
For Santa:
After the base polish has dried on the middle finger, apply red polish to the upper third of the nail. Next take the white polish along the bottom of the nail in 2 swipes, slightly angled downward to make Santa's beard. Take the white polish and make thin lines along either side of the nail to bring the beard up to the hat. Let the polish dry. Take the white polish again and just dab it along the bottom of the hat to make the trim of the hat. Next take your pink nail art lacquer and dab a small dot for his nose right above the center of the beard and use the black nail art lacquer to make two slightly smaller dots right under the hat for eyes.
Finished Santa
For the rest of the nails, take your white polish across the tip of the nail for a French tip. Let dry. Repeat if necessary. Then take your sparkly silver nail art lacquer and make a line across the nail just above the white tip.
Festive French Tip
When I was doing this look, while I was waiting for one part of Santa to dry I went and did the first part of the French tips on my other nails, while that was drying I finished Santa, then I came back and finished the tips. Time management and whatnot.
And after all that is dry finish with a clear top coat. But make sure it is 100% dry! If it's not, the top coat will probably drag the red through the white and you will not get the desired look. Patience is key people.
Well I hope you all enjoyed my festive little tutorial, I really did. This design is super simple, it only took me about 25 minutes. I also give my nails a long time to dry between coats as it makes the polish last longer.
As always, feel free to leave comments and share your results with this tutorial. Til next time!

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