Thursday, December 27, 2012

e.l.f. Essentials Plumping Lip Glaze

Alright, this is the second installment to my epic e.l.f. stocking haul, yay!!! This time it's the e.l.f. Essentials Plumping Lip Glaze in Fuschia Fanatic. Let's dive right in!
Disclaimer: I purchased this product with my own funds, I am not being paid or compensated by the company in question. My opinions are entirely my own.
So this is a double ended lip glaze, one end being clear and "plumping" and the other is the colored end, in this case fuschia. The directions say "For best results, use clear gloss under tinted glaze..." And their description says, "Clear glaze instantly stimulates lips to create a fuller look; Tinted glaze continues to plump while intensely hydrating."
The wands are pretty standard as far as lip gloss wands go. The packaging is also pretty basic. Not really much to say about it, it's functional and looks fine.
The formula is pretty nice, it's not sticky at all. When I think lip glaze I tend to think sticky, so I found that to be particularly awesome. The clear gloss is just a nice shiny gloss, and when you put it on it's all tingly. Then the tinted glaze, on it's own is highly pigmented and shiny and awesome. Love it. And when you put it over the clear glaze it goes crazy. The tingly sensation gets a little intense, reminds me of Noxema. Like the white cream Noxema that came in the plastic containers. Idk if they still make it, I haven't used it since I was 16, but I loved that too. And with the intense tingling does come some plumping. It's not like super dramatic, but it does make for a little plumpness.
The only downside really is that when you use the tinted glaze over the clear glaze it's not as vivid a color. It's still pretty, just not as much pop.
This is a nice lip glaze duo, gives just a nice splash of color while making your lips appear fuller. It's not intensely hydrating as the packaging states, but it's also $1 USD. How much can one really expect for so little? So I definitely approve of this product. Will I purchase more? I don't know. Probably eventually, but right now I kind of have a surplus of lip glosses, so being that this isn't really anything too special it'll probably be a while before I buy more. But who knows? I really do like it.
I hope to hear some feedback from some of you guys, I love hearing what you have to say! Til next time!

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