Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Sunshine Award

Hello again!! Last weekend I was given the Sunshine Award by the lovely Beauty by Shortylegs. I'd like to second here to say thank you so much! It means a lot to me that you thought my blog was deserving of a little shout out. For those of you that may not have visited her blog, she has an amazing beauty blog where she does great reviews and gorgeous makeup looks. She is super nice and always a pleasure to hear from. If you haven't visited her before you really should check it out.

The Rules For This Award 
1. Thank the person who nominated you.
2. Post the logo of the award on your blog.
3. Share 7 facts about yourself.
4. Nominate 5 or more blogs that inspire you.

Seven Things About Me

  1. I absolutely adore playing pinball. We have Pinball Arcade for our PS3 and I can sit and play the tables over and over until my hands cramp up. It's so much fun and a little hypnotic. 
  2. Whenever I'm feeling a little bummed out "I Believe In A Thing Called Love" by The Darkness cheers me up. 
  3. I like to spend my free time daydreaming. 
  4. I find the banning of pit bulls to be a truly disgusting act. It seems so outrageous to me that we work so hard to preserve tigers, wolves, bears and other animals that are really quite dangerous to humans while at the same time trying to wipe out an entire breed because they're potentially dangerous. It's not right and it shows some of the ugliest parts of human nature.
  5. I'm very awkward in social settings. I either get really quiet or I just won't shut up. 
  6. The Rocky Horror Picture Show is my favorite musical and I know all the words to all the songs and most of the dialogue. 
  7. No matter how hot it gets I can't sleep without a blanket of some kind.
My Five Nominees

  1. Bailey at I Know All The Words
  2. Deja at Deja Zu
  3. Michelle at Sparkle Me Pink
  4. CJ at Pinay on the Loose
  5. Jackie at Beauty Made Simple 
I hope you guys check out these lovely ladies and send them some love, they all deserve it and have awesome blogs. Again a big thanks to Beauty By Shortylegs, I love taking part in these awards and it was great getting to know a bit more about you! Til next time!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Doing Drag

Hello again! I know it's been a while between posts, but my husband has been working out of town pretty regularly so my time is kinda pinched. But I've got a fun little post for you guys today that stemmed from a random bit of conversation with one of my male friends. We were talking about how when we had met a few years back he had been sporting a penciled in mustache and how it had looked pretty cool. His faux-stache had looked pretty natural and that led me to start wondering how much skill was involved in pulling off a believable penciled in mustache. So I decided to give it a whirl and see if I could pull off the faux-stache. After fiddling with it for a while I figured out a decent technique to make myself a mustache, but it didn't look right with my feminine features. So I decided to do a full drag look, I even raided my husband's closet and strapped down my breasts to really get the look. And I've got to say, it was a pretty believable look. As always I'll list the products I used, but I will also try to explain the process I used to create this look.

Face Products Used: NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in Mont Blanc mixed with Sephora Collection Full Coverage Foundation in Light; e.l.f. Studio Contouring Blusher & Bronzer Duo; Mary Kay Mineral Powder Foundation in Ivory 2

Faux-Stache Products Used: Medium brown and dark brown eyeshadow from the Sephora Medium Shopping Bag makeup palette.

Butch and Femme Comparison Picture

Eye Products Used: Medium and dark brown eyeshadows from the Sephora Collection Medium Shopping Bag makeup palette; e.l.f. Studio Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter Duo.

Don't I make one pretty man, haha? To create this look I mixed my usual stand by NARS foundation with a foundation that's a bit dark for my face to try and get rid of that pretty glow that is far too feminine for a male look and applied it over my face, neck, ears and eyelids. Then I took the cream bronzer from my e.l.f. duo and contoured like crazy. I have very well defined (and feminine) cheekbones, so I had to really lay on the bronzer starting in  the hollows of my cheeks and working up onto the apples. This helped to take away from the fullness of my cheeks and give a more masculine effect. I also contoured my nose a bit and around my jawline. Then I set the foundation with the mineral powder foundation.
For the eyes, I just took a medium brown eyeshadow and brought it through my crease and my lower crease. I'm calling it the lower crease as I'm unsure as to what it's called, but it's the little crease you get on your lower lid. I also used just a dab of the e.l.f highlighter on my brow bone to give the eyes a bit of dimension. Don't use a lot of highlighter if you're really trying for a masculine look though. Now the hard part about the eyes for me was the lashes. I had to do something with them as my lashes grow in nearly clear, but mascara was out of the question as I didn't want them to appear long, full and curly. So I decided to take the darker brown eyeshadow, barely dampened on an angle brush, and worked it through my upper and lower lashes.
And now the fun bit, how I made the facial hair. I took my angle brush and dipped it into both the medium brown and the darker brown eyeshadow and VERY lightly brushed it over my mustache area. You want to use light, short strokes to help with the facial hair illusion. I went over it several times until the desired level of darkness for my facial hair was achieved. Then I took my bronzing brush and dipped it into the same two brown eyeshadows and dotted it lightly across the jaw up to the hollows of my cheeks for that little bit of stubble shadow. A stippling brush would work work as well, if not better, but I don't actually have a stippling brush as I don't generally have much use for one.

That description got a bit wordy, but I really thought it was important for you to not only know the steps but why they were important. And I think it really made for some great results. I would recommend using a setting spray after you're done, I didn't use any and after a half an hour to an hour I definitely had some smudging. And I do plan on wearing this look out and about sometime just to see how well I pull it off. I would love to hear what you guys think of this look, it's definitely different than my usual looks! And I would love it if any of you guys decided to try this and share your pictures with me. Til next time!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Drowned Mermaid FOTD

Hello again lovelies! Last night I was working on the Rainbow Beauty Tag and while I was looking at all the pretty colors I got distracted and started playing. Yes, I know, I have the attention span of a ferret. But I did accomplish something last night, even if it wasn't what I had planned on. This isn't really a wearable look for me, but I had a lot of fun creating it so I don't care. I wasn't sure what to name this look and for some reason the color scheme just kind of reminded me of a dark mermaid-y kind of thing, and then my brain was just like "drowned mermaid" which really makes absolutely no sense, but my brain fixated on it and I couldn't come up with anything better. It is what it is, lol.
I would like to say before I dive into the pictures, that this is my first time playing with eyeshadows on my lips. I wasn't really sure what I was doing, so it's a little sketchy, but I think I figured out how to work it so that next time it will be pimp. As always, I will list the products used below. Hope you guys like my look!

Eye Products Used: MAC Pearled Earth; light brown; glitter black and shimmery white eyeshadows from the Sephora Medium Shopping Bag Palette; Sephora Collection Full Action Extreme Effect Mascara in Black.

Face Products Used: NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in Mont Blanc; Benefit Bella Bamba; bronzer from the Sephora Medium Shopping Bag palette; e.l.f. Essentials All Over Cover Stick in Apricot Beige; e.l.f. Studio Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter.

Lip Products Used: Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer (Natural or Dramatic) in Emerald Sparkle; Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense in 15; green and purple eyeshadows from the Sephora Medium Shopping Bag palette; glittery clear lipgloss from the Sephora Medium Shopping Bag palette.

I think this could have looked really cool if I had taken the time to find a complimentary outfit and some bitchin accessories, but honestly, it was 2am and I was just too tired to do any more. It still looks pretty neat and it was a good learning experience and I'm pretty cool with that.
So, I hope you guys liked this look, I had a ton of fun creating it, and I'd love to hear your thoughts on it in the comments. Til next time!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

L'Oreal Paris Advanced Haircare Total Repair 5 Restoring Shampoo and Conditioner - Review

Hello again lovelies! Sorry I disappeared again for a while, but things have been a little hectic. My husband has been working a lot lately, so I decided to take the weekend off so that I could just spend time with him and my daughter as we have far too little family time these days. Now, my husband works for a private contractor and their schedule is always subject to change. So on Monday my husband tells me he's going to be working out of town and that he'll be leaving in the morning and returning on Friday. This really makes it harder for me to blog because I'm the only one around to watch the kiddo. And to put the cherry on top, when my daughter woke up on Tuesday, she had a terrible cold and has been super clingy. She's starting to feel better and is amusing herself for a change, so I'm back.
Now for today I will be reviewing L'Oreal Paris Advanced Haircare Total Repair 5 Restoring Shampoo and Conditioner. I know I don't usually do reviews on hair products, in fact this might be my first one, but this stuff is deserving of a review. The reason I don't generally review hair products is because I find them for the most part to be rather meh. For me shampoo is shampoo, and I don't really use a lot of other products like pomade or hair color. I randomly got a free sample of this shampoo and conditioner in the mail, and I was almost out of my regular shampoo, so it was like okay, I'll give it a go. Well, I liked it so much I went and bought the full size (12.6 FL OZ) of both the shampoo and conditioner. They cost me $4.99 each at my local grocery store.

Now, according to L'Oreal, Total Repair 5 "Instantly and over time helps repair the 5 visible signs of damaged hair without weighing it down. Split ends. Weak. Rough. Dull. Dehydrated." and this product is designed for damaged, overworked hair.  Now it also says on the bottles "Ceramide" but there is no further explanation as to what it is or what it does. 
I'm not totally unfamiliar with ceramide, as it is one of the lipids that makes up the icky white stuff that covers newborn babies aka the vernix. And I know that the vernix is there to protect and hydrate newborn's sensitive skin after they've been born. But I wanted to know how ceramide worked to make your hair gorgeous. So after some internet searching, I have it figured out. I'm going to explain it the best that I can to you guys, and I don't know how much the average person knows about hair, so I am going to explain it as though you know absolutely nothing so that no one gets left out here.
Your hair shaft consists of 3 basic layers, the cuticle, the cortex, and the medulla. The outermost layer is the cuticle which is the protective covering for the hair shaft. The cuticle is composed of, on average, 7 to 12 layers of cells that resemble scales overlapping one another. Healthy looking hair has a very smooth cuticle with all of the scales staying nicely in place. When the scales start to fray away from one another you get split ends and rather dull looking hair. 
This is where ceramide comes in. Ceramides are the lipids largely responsible for keeping the scales in place
and thereby making your hair look healthy and happy. In damaged hair the ceramides that should be holding the scales in place are lacking or missing altogether. 
So the lovely scientists over at L'Oreal made a synthetic version of ceramide to use in their shampoo and conditioner to replace the missing ceramides in damaged hair and smooth that cuticle back down to where it ought to be. Science. It's a good thing.

But back to my review.. 

The shampoo and conditioner both smell really nice, it's a light scent that reminds me a lot of Garnier Nutrisse shampoos. The consistency of the shampoo is thicker than a lot of shampoos that I have tried and it builds up a nice lather that's rich and not too sudsy. The shampoo does a great job at cleansing the hair and scalp. Lately I have been having issues with flaking on my scalp, and after using this shampoo the flaking has gotten a lot better. It doesn't claim to help with this, so maybe the shampoo I was using before was the cause of it. I don't really know, I just know that this shampoo has made it much more manageable. 
The conditioner has a very thick consistency similar to a balm. The directions on the conditioner say to leave the conditioner on your hair for 1-3 minutes, but I left it on quite a bit longer than that. Basically when I hop into the shower I shampoo my hair, wring out as much water as I can, and then liberally apply conditioner. I leave the conditioner in until I'm done washing my body and shaving and such, then I rinse it out. 

And the results were amazing! My hair was more lustrous than it had been and the damaged ends were a lot smoother. Immediately after using, my hair smelled better, was shinier, and was overall more manageable. I used it again 2 days later and the results were even better. I've got to say that the synthetic ceramide that L'Oreal used to make these products works fabulously. My hair hasn't been this healthy looking in quite some time and it feels so soft. 

So basically, this is a fabulous product. I would recommend it to anyone who wants their hair to look and feel healthier, and I will most definitely be buying this again. It works so well, it smells great, and it's not very expensive. Needless to say, I'm totally in love with this line. There's also a balm and a dry oil in this line that I plan on trying out in the near future. 
So I hope you guys enjoyed this review and mini science lesson! I'd love to hear back from you guys in the comments, I do reply to all of them. Til next time!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

My 2 Year Old Does My Makeup Tag

So last night I was scrolling through my reading list and I came across a most interesting tag: My 2 Year Old Does My Makeup. This post was put up by Michelle at Sparkle Me Pink, and if you want to check out how well her little girl does click here. I had to read it and then watch the video because the thought of a 2 year old doing my makeup is a little terrifying being that their motor skills are still developing and they have a tendency to get really excited. But Michelle did it and it didn't look too scary, so I decided to give it a go as well.
After breakfast I went and got a towel and laid out some of my makeup stuffs for Penny to paint my face with. She's never really been allowed to play with my makeup aside from like chapstick, so I wasn't really sure what to expect from this little experiment. So I figured we'd start with powder and work from there. I helped her get the powder on the brush and she dusted my cheeks with it, and then she decided to dust her cheeks as well. And that was when things lost focus, lol. She decided that instead of doing my makeup, she was going to do her own makeup. And she went all out. So, like I would do with any of my FOTD posts, I'll include pictures of her lovely makeup followed with a product list.

Face Products Used:  CoverGirl Loose Powder Mineral Foundation in Light; Benefit's Bella Bamba; e.l.f. Studio Cream Blush & Bronzer Duo.

Eye Products Used: A sparkly blue eyeshadow from my Sephora Medium Makeup Bag Palette; Tokidoki eyeshadow in Soya.

Lip Products Used: e.l.f  Essentials Lipstick in Fearless; Maybelline Colorsensational Vivids in Vibrant Mandarin; MUFE Lab Shine Star Collection in S8; Collection Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner in Black.

As you can see, Penny had a lot of fun with the lipstick and neglected pretty well everything else. But it's her look, so she can do whatever with it. She actually spent most of her time "painting" her nails with eyeliner, and she did pretty okay. Check it out.

Penny and I had a TON of fun working on this tag together, and I thin we're going to continue to do this every now and again. I totally encourage any of you with young kids or nieces to try this tag out. It's a blast and a great little bonding activity. Hope you guys liked this post and if you decide to do this tag leave a link for me so I can check it out. Til next time!!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Maybelline Colorsensational Vivids in Vibrant Mandarin

Hello lovelies, hope that your week has been going spectacularly! Mine has been pretty decent, it's nice to be posting again after my little vacation. Today I have a review of one of he new(ish) colors from Maybelline Colorsensational Vivids line, and this is my first time using any of the Vivids. These sell for around $5 here in the US, which is pretty reasonable in my opinion.

These come in the same square tube that all of Maybelline Colorsensational lipsticks come in, the top being made of plastic and the actual tube is metal. The top for all the Vivids are orange red, though this is almost the exact same color as this particular lipstick. I'm not a huge fan of the packaging for these as I've had bad experiences with the plastic on other Colorsensational cracking. I haven't had any issues with this one yet, but it's something to keep in mind.

There are 10 different colors available in the Vivids line, and they are all very bright and totally awesome colors. I decided to go with Vibrant Mandarin as I have never really played with orange based lipstick and it seemed like a fun choice outside my usual comfort zone.

This looks really pink for whatever reason in the picture, but the color is like an orange/red/coral type color. It kind of reminds me of a blood orange if you're familiar with that particular fruit. I was thinking of getting Electric Orange which is a super bright orange, but this was just a little closer to my comfort zone. I can only step out so far, haha.

This lipstick swatched really well. Like really well. It glided on really smooth and the pigmentation is phenomenal. It has a very shiny finish, like they were trying to go for a satin finish and overshot. Or maybe like a super pigmented lip gloss.. Either way, mega shiny with a lot of super bright color with a very creamy and hydrating feel. Most excellent I should say.

I didn't have any issues applying this lipstick because, as I said before, it glides on really smooth. You can build the color up to some crazy brightness or you can apply lightly for a barely there wash of color. So it's rather versatile, which is pretty awesome for a color this bright. For whatever reason this looks really light in the close up shots I've got (probably from the flash..) so I am going to include a picture of the whole face as well because it is a bit darker than it shows here.

And yes, this is one of the pictures from my FOTD post from yesterday. But in my defense so as not to be called lazy, I did that particular makeup look because I wanted to review this lipstick and didn't actually plan on making it into a FOTD post, but my crazy refusing to sleep daughter made a full review impossible for me last night.
But back to the lipstick... It glides on and has gorgeous pigmentation, and it also hydrates the lips rather than dry them out like many other bright lipsticks do. These are all really great things that I totally love about this lipstick. Unfortunately, it's not all good news for this lipstick. It fades really fast and it's definitely not smudge proof. I started noticing the fading of the color pretty quickly, so one hour after applying I decided to take another photo so you guys could see just how much it fades.

It went from gorgeous and bright to dull and almost non existent in one hour. I didn't eat during that hour, just drank from my water and smoked a cigarette. This much fading after so little activity in one hour is really bad in my book. On the upside, it does fade to an attractive color, it's just not the color you hoped to keep. And I watched the clock and after 3 hours of wear, the color was pretty well gone entirely. So if you purchase one of these, expect to be reapplying regularly.

Overall, I do really like this lipstick. Yes, it does fade like what, but the color is gorgeous and it makes my lips feel really nice. And I might be crazy, but I swear my lips are softer the day after wearing this lipstick than they usually are.
So will I repurchase this product? Most definitely. I want to scoop up a few more of these lipsticks ASAP so I can compare results. There are a TON of gorgeous colors in this line and I really don't have a huge variety of lipsticks.
Would I recommend this product? Sure. It's not my favorite lipstick ever or anything, but it's reasonably priced and it looks nice. You just have to reapply a lot.

I would love to hear any of your own experiences with this line, so please do drop a comment below! I read every single comment and do my best to respond to them quickly. Thanks for stopping by and reading my rambles! Til next time!

FOTD Grunge Style

Hello again my lovely readers! I promised that I would start posting more frequently and I'm determined to do just that. Today I put together a quick FOTD featuring my Maybelline Colorsensational Vivid lipstick in Vibrant Mandarin. I was going to do a review of the lipstick tonight, but my husband is out of town working for the night and my daughter is being totally crazy and refuses to sleep so I have to keep it short and sweet. This lipstick is so bright and, well, vivid, that I had to keep the rest of the look rather subdued so as not to look like a hot mess, so I decided to go with a punk/grunge look and it turned out quite well. As always with my FOTDs I will list the products after the pictures. Hope you guys dig it!!

Face Products Used: NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in Mont Blanc; e.l.f. Studio Blush & Bronzer Contouring Cream; e.l.f. Studio Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter.
Eye Products Used: A black eyeshadow from my e.l.f. Little Black Beauty Book Cool Python Edition that I smudged over my lid; CoverGirl Lash Blast Luxe in Black Platinum. I also took my foundation and bronzer over my entire eye.
Lip Product Used: Maybelline Colorsensationals Vivid in Vibrant Mandarin.

I hope you guys liked this look, I'm a pretty big fan of it. It's so simple and can be dressed up or down depending on what you wear and how you do your hair. I took a hot iron to my hair the day before yesterday, so it looks naturally straight instead of it's usual insanity, and I just brushed it with a deep side part. And I'm not gonna lie, I am super happy with the way my hair looks this way. It's finally grown out enough that the bangs stay to one side pretty well and it frames my face nicely. But I'm going to stop talking about my hair now as I could seriously just go on and on about how much I love it right now. Seriously, I think it's flippin awesome and it has me all sorts of crazy.

I should have the review of this lipstick up tomorrow or the next day depending on how well my daughter is behaving and when my husband gets home, but this is all I have for you tonight. I hope you're all enjoying the summer weather, and if you're in one of the locations that has been devastated by extreme weather my thoughts and good wishes go out to you. Til next time!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

NOTW - Halter

I hope you're all having a lovely Sunday! Today I just have a quick post for you guys, I've got plans with the family today so I'm all rush-rush. But last night I decided to do a super quick mani/pedi and I thought I would share the results. This week I decided to try out Kiss Nail Dress in Halter which I got complimentary from Influenster. I have reviewed this product before in a different design so I won't be doing a review today, just pictures of the turn out. If you want to see my review of the product click the link *here*. Now onto the pictures!

As you can see this is a floral design, and to be quite honest it's not something that I would have picked for myself. I did have to trim these quite a bit to get them to fit my toes properly, so if you plan on using one of the Kiss Nail Dresses for your toes keep in mind that it won't be as quick as doing your fingernails.
I personally found this design to be a bit gaudy to wear on my fingernails, but I really like the way my toes turned out. I feel that instead of being gaudy, it's just fun and fresh on my toes. Maybe it's because the design becomes much smaller on the toes? I don't rightly know, and to be frank I don't particularly care as I quite like my toenails at the moment, haha!
I'd love to hear from you guys in the comments if you have tried these out before, or if you just want to know more about the product itself. But I've gotta run and get the munchkin and myself ready to go see my mum. Til next time!

imPRESS Press-On Manicure by Broadway Nails - Review

Hello again dears! Sorry it's been so long since my last post, just been crazy busy with the family and such. Blogging is just so much harder to do when the weather is so darn nice. Lately I've just wanted to spend my days hanging out with the kiddo outside and soak in the gorgeous sunlight. But I've had a recent burst of energy and motivation for my blog, so hopefully I'll have more regular posts and I won't totally cave to the weather. So tonight for you lovelies I have a review of Broadway Nails imPRESS Press-On Manicure.

Disclaimer: I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. The opinions stated here are my own and no one is paying me or otherwise compensating me for my opinions.

Alright, I am going to apologize right here and now because my pictures are rather limited. My daughter got a hold of the packaging before I could snap a photo, so I'm missing pieces. Total bummer as I actually thought the packaging was quite cute; it was put together in such a way that it looked like a proper bottle of nail polish but instead of paint inside there were little fake nails. Here's the best picture I could get of it, it's missing the top bit which was black with the brand name on it.

This bottle just pops open with ease to let all the little nails out. This set comes with 24 individual nails in 12 different sizes and sells for between $5 and $8. These are the short length nails, though they also come in medium length. I found that these fit me quite well length wise, though I have heard that some people with longer nail beds found them to be too short for their nails. So I guess if you have long nail beds you should probably try the medium length.

So here's an individual nail, you can see the little plastic tag at the bottom that you need to pull to take the backing off which you place near your cuticle. The end is quite square, which I didn't quite care for on myself so I filed it to a shape I found more appealing.

On the underside of the nail you can see the plastic covering that you need to remove to expose the adhesive on the nail. 
Now applying these is quite simple. The directions state that you need to first wash and thoroughly dry your hands. Next there's a little wipe that comes with this kit for you to rub over your nails, presumably to remove any oil from your nails that may get in the way of proper adhesion. If you want these nails to stick it is really important that you take the time to properly rub your nails down with this wipe! Seriously, adhesive and oil do not mix. 
Now make sure that you have all your nails lined up that you plan on using, it makes it way easier when putting these buggers on. And it says in the instructions to do your thumbs last. I don't really know why, but whatever. Then you just pull the little covers off and apply the nails by setting them on your nails and simply pressing them on. For the best results press down on the middle and work your way out.
To finish just file off the little tabs at the end of the nail and then wait 30 minutes before getting your hands wet. I also opted to shape the nails a bit as I'm not a fan of super square nails. And here are the results!

As far as I'm concerned they look great. They went on easily, I didn't have to fuss much with them, and you don't have to use any additional glue. They look just as good as any acrylics or gel nails that I've ever gotten at a salon and at a fraction of the price and time. And as far as longevity, I'd have to say they're decent. I only wore mine for 3 days because I just have a miserable time doing much of anything with fake nails on. I'm seriously totally useless with fake nails, it's pretty sad, haha. But I didn't have any lifting or chipping as of day 3. They probably would have lasted a few extra days had I not just popped them off. 
There are some negatives attached with these nails though. First of all is the smell. It probably wouldn't bother a normal person, but I found that they smelled quite heavily of plastic and the scent didn't seem to fade at all over the 3 days that I wore them. But I'm also overly sensitive to the smell of plastic, it totally grosses me out. The only other thing that I didn't care much for was that the adhesive went past the free edges of my nails and everything stuck to it. And once something was stuck there, it was not coming off. It just grossed me out hard core. I actually snagged a picture so that you could really see what I was talking about.

See? Super nasty.
So basically, this product isn't perfect, but I really like the overall performance. It's highly functional for the price and it looks fabulous. I am very interested to try out the other colors and designs, I do believe that there are 36 varieties. 
So would I repurchase this product? For sure. The pros definitely outweigh the cons for me and there are some really gorgeous designs available.
Would I recommend this product? Yeah, so long as you don't have really long nail beds. But if you do have really long nail beds the medium length might work out for you. I would have to try out the medium length before I could properly assess as to whether or not they would work well for those with long nail beds.
So I hope you guys enjoyed my review, and if you've tried this product before I'd love to know how your experience with them was. Til next time!