Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Goody QuikStyle Brush - Half Round Styler

Here's another item from my 2012 Holiday VoxBox from Influenster, a Goody QuikStyle Brush Half Round Styler. I'll keep this review short and sweet, but it's definitely worth a peek.
Disclaimer: I received this complimentary item for testing purposes from Influenster. Nobody is paying me for my opinions or a review.
This brush is pretty interesting in that it has super absorbent microfiber bristles between the regular bristles to aid in drying hair. On the package it says that it will remove up to 30% of water as you style. And I did mention this in my Holiday VoxBox post, but the microfibers are antimicrobial, which is awesome. It also has little grippies on the handle so it doesn't slide in your hand as much.
I was pretty skeptical about the drying properties of the brush, it sounded really hokey. But I was pleasantly surprised with this one. It actually does dry the hair quite a bit! And it's still a good brush too. This has become my go to brush for my daughter pretty quick. She's 2 and doesn't like the blow dryer very much, so this is  fabulous post bath. I just give her hair a good brushing and it's almost dry.
The half round style is pretty cool too. It's nice for just giving the hair volume, or flipping the ends out or in, and is easier to use than a round brush.
So this brush is awesome! If you don't like wet hair, I would recommend you buy this brush. It also comes in a paddle brush, which would probably be nicer for people with long hair. I might buy the paddle brush just because I really like this one. Nice to have options.
Feel free to give me your input in the comments, I love hearing from you guys! Also if you have any questions about the brush or Influenster, feel free to ask away. Til next time!

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