Saturday, December 29, 2012

Kiss Nail Dress

This is another review from my 2012 Holiday VoxBox from Influenster, and again if you are interested in Influenster drop a comment or get a hold of me via Facebook and I'll send you an invite or give you whatever information you need. But anywho, this particular item from my VoxBox is the Kiss Nail Dress. I have never used these before, but I have heard good things, so I was pretty excited to try them out. I received KDS15, which is a very pretty jeweled design that would be a really great look for New Year's parties. Elegant and blingy all in one.
Disclaimer: I received this item complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster. I am NOT being paid for this review or any of my opinions.
This product is $6.99 USD for 28 strips, and it also comes with a nail file as well as a little pamphlet that shows all the different designs they provide.

Alright, how to apply; "Clean nails with alcohol or polish remover. File and smooth nails. Keep strips in plastic sleeve until used." For those who might be curious, you need to use alcohol or polish remover to clean the nails as it removes oil from the nail which aids in the adhesive of the product as well as the longevity. Do not skip that step!!!
Before I go any further, I would just like to say that this is an awesome nail file. The pink side is fine grit and the blue side is very coarse. And both sides work fabulously. I used the pink side to file my nails before applying the Nail Dress, and it was amazing as to how well it worked. I know it's silly to get so excited about a nail file, but I am and it is awesome.
Moving on with the application directions; "1. Select size that fits your nail 2. Apply near, not on cuticle & smooth away from center 3. Fold down over edge & file excess." It says to use the black side of the file for the jeweled strips and the pink for the fashion strips. Idk where they got black from as my file is definitely blue, but whatever.
The packaging also says at the top "On in minutes, off in seconds without remover" and on the front it says that it lasts up to 10 days. I applied these tonight, so I haven't a clue as to their longevity, though I'm sure it is very dependent on how often you work with your hands. And I did put the wrong size on one of nails and it did peel off with minimal effort, so I'm guessing that the off in seconds w/o remover is pretty accurate. But on in minutes? More like 20-30 minutes. But I'm also a little nit-picky, so maybe it's quicker for those who care a little less about perfection. Idk.
But I'm sure that you're sick of me blathering about the little details and just want to see some results. I'm including a few different pictures because the design was so flippin shiny that I had a terrible time getting a decent glare-free picture.
I found that when applying them I personally had an easier time smoothing it out from the top instead of the center, so if you're trying these out and having issues with air bubbles or creasing try smoothing from the top.
I was a little hazy about just filing the excess off, but it ended up working pretty well for me. I think it would have been easier with some of my shorter nails to cut some of the excess with nail scissors and then file, but it still worked just fine.
So even though these did take longer to apply than the packaging indicated it is a lovely product. It still takes way less time than doing the nail art and it's much simpler. I've been wearing these for a few hours and haven't had them try to peel up or anything.
I think that this is a GREAT product. It would be awesome for saving money on prom or for a wedding. A  manicure with nail art at a salon is generally at least $30, so if you have 4 bridesmaids that's $120 on nails just for them. Or you could get these for the bridesmaids at $6.99 a piece for a total of $27.96. That's a huge savings for a beautiful result.
This product totally gets my seal of approval, I love it. It's even easy to do both hands. If you haven't tried these, I would definitely recommend you do. They aren't expensive and they're so pretty!!! But I'm gushing now... So if you've tried these, let me know what you think! Make sure to let me know which is your favorite design, I totally plan on trying more of these in the future. Hope you enjoyed this review, let me know if you want an invite to Influenster as this is my last test item through them so I probably won't be talking much about them in the near future. Til next time!


  1. wow.. it's looks so nice and cool !
    lucky you could got those VoxBox.. I'm joining the influenster too, but I'm not as lucky as you.. maybe next time.. xD

    nice post

    1. Thanks! They are so easy to use, I totally fell in love with them. And I'm sure you'll have better luck next time!!