Monday, November 5, 2012

Random Anime Eye

So basically I'm saving up for a new car and Christmas so I'm not buying much make up right now. Well nothing major. I did just find an e.l.f kiosk in my local Family Fare and I will probably go and raid some of that stuff in the near future. But being that I'm not getting a lot of new stuff, I'm starting to really play with the stuff that I currently have.
A few nights ago, my cousin and I were really bored and she asked me to "paint" her face and here is the result and a quick how to.

I put no planning into this before I did it, I don't have a good white cream shadow or any type of white eyeliner, so I had to improvise a bit because this what she wanted me to do and frankly, I was bored. I'm just telling you guys how I did it this time.

1. Apply a full coverage foundation all over face and eye area. Make sure you really work it in for a more natural look. I used Sephora Perfecting cover foundation in Light.
2. Take a white cream shadow and apply it all over the lid and up to the brow; or you could layer a white highlight, I used e.l.f. Glow highlight and it took about 3 coats. You just apply a coat, work it in, let it dry, repeat until you get the coverage you want. Afterwards apply a white powder eyeshadow to set, I used the white shadow in the Little Black Beauty Book cool python edition.
3.Use a liner brush and a cream black liner (I used e.l.f. cream eyeliner) to sketch the circle for the iris, "light spots", and the pupil, in that order. Fill the eyebrows with the black cream liner and sketch out the little lashes at the end of the brow to make your new upper lash line. Then take the liner along the lower lash line and draw little lashes on the outside.
4. Fill in the iris with whatever color you want. I just used a bright green from my Sephora Medium Makeup Bag palette (this product is no longer available on, sorry!)
5. Go over the black cream liner with a black liquid liner to make sure that all the lines are crisp and super defined.
6. Clean up under the eyes and apply a concealer that's just a little light to brighten your face and pull the concealer down to the top of the cheekbone. I used my e.l.f. liquid concealer in Fair.
7. Finish the face with a pink blush on the apples of your cheeks, bronzer in the hollows of the cheeks and around the jaw bone, and a translucent loose powder all over the face to set. I used a blush and bronzer from the previously mentioned Sephora Makeup Bag palette, and the powder is CoverGirl professional loose powder in translucent light.
8. Apply a pink lipstick to the lips and you're finished! I used a lipstick from the Sephora palette I mentioned earlier.

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