Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Long Time, No Blog

So it has been forever since I did any writing, but I have plans for some pretty awesome stuff coming soon. But I figured I would start my coming blogs with an old standby; this is going to be about my first big dive into body modification.

In February of 2007 my friend Amy and I went to Explicit Ink (tattoo shop in G.R. I think they were bought out a couple years ago) so I could get strung up in a suicide suspension. For this particular suspension, four (8) gauge hooks were stuck through my upper back, equally spaced (Can't see it well in this pic.)

The placement of the hooks is really important as each hook is designed to hold 50lbs and you want to space the weight as even as possible to avoid tearing. It took the piercer about 15min to mark my back for the piercings. I'm quite a bit shorter than him, so it was easier for him to mark me while I was on my stomach, and then have me stand up straight, but relaxed, and remark me as necessary.
After he was totally happy with his marks, he had me lay down on my stomach to begin the piercings. He worked left to right, having his co-worker hold my skin in place while he pushed the hooks through. And let me tell ya, to this day I remember the guy pinching and holding my skin was actually hurting me more than the hooks when they went through. lol.
Well, needless to say, the piercings went off without a hitch, so we moved out of the piercing room and into the main area in the shop where the harness was hooked up. As you can see from the above picture, my piercer is getting the harness strung up and ready to go while I hang out and play photo girl with Amy. I would like to add that at this point Amy was more freaked out about the suspension than I was; needles kind of freak her out.
But I suppose the rest of this story is really in the pictures, so I'm switching to captions.

This is me and my piercer, Chris, as his co-worker was pulling me higher with the other end of the harness. Chris was keeping a close eye on the piercings to make sure they weren't showing signs of tearing.

This is a close up of my back after I was up as high as I got, taken, of course, by my lovely Amy.

And this is the aftermath. You can still kind of see where Chris marked my back and can get the best view of the piercing placement.

And this was pretty well my first major body mod experience. Everything went really smoothly and it was a fabulous time. Chris is an amazing piercer and he really made this awesome. Amy was also super awesome for the whole thing and all of these photos were taken by her. If you are looking at getting into body modification and want a good starter suspension I would very much recommend this one. If you have any suspension pics, feel free to share them here, I'd love to see them!