Sunday, December 23, 2012

Silver Eye Tutorial Take 2

I recently did a silver eye tutorial followed by a gold tutorial, and after looking at both realized that the silver eye I had done previously was inadequate. I could have done better, and for that I apologize. But I make good on my shortcomings, and have decided to redo the silver eye with a little more color and inspiration. Hope you like it! Remember to start with a good eye primer.
Step 1: Apply a shimmery plum eyeshadow (I used Rockstar by Urban Decay) to the crease and blend it just enough to take away the harshness.
Step 2: Take an angle brush and apply a bright pink shimmery shadow (I used one from my Sephora Color Daze Blockbuster makeup palette) wet along the lower lash line and bring it up to meet with the purple shadow.
Step 3: Pat a silver shadow over the entire lid. (I used a silver from the Sephora Color Daze palette.)
Step 4: Apply a white shadow on the brow bone for a highlight (again, the Sephora palette.) Then apply a black liner (I used one from the Sephora palette) to the water line, and use a black liquid liner (I used Sephora Collection Long Lasting Eyeliner) aong the upper lash line and wing it out quite dramatically.
Step 5: Apply black mascara to the top and bottom lashes (I used Sephora Collection Full Action Extreme Effect Mascara), and fill in the brows (I used a light brown shadow from the Sephora palette).
You'll probably also want to take a concealer under the eye to make the colors pop and clean up your lines.
Here is the finished look. I applied foundation all over my face to match my skin tone and set it with powder. I popped a little bit of Benefit's Bella Bamba on my cheeks and a titch on my chin, and the silver 3-in-1 luminizer from the Sephora Color Daze palette on top of my cheek bones and down the bridge of my nose. Then a little pink gloss (AGAIN, Sephora palette) on my lips and we're good to go.
Hope you liked this silver eye tutorial better than the last one, again sorry if that disappointed! Feel free to comment below, I read and respond to every comment. Til next time!


  1. Oh I love this look. Very bold and glittery <3 I may have to take this one for Christmas or New Year. :)

    1. It would be a fab New Year's look. Gotta say I still like the gold better, but I think it's because the gold colors compliment my skin and hair more. Let me know how it works out for you!! xoxo!