Monday, December 31, 2012

e.l.f. Professional Studio Pigment Eyeshadow

I've been noticing a lot of people buzzing about pigment shadows lately, and I've been wanting to try them as they look amazing. However a lot of people tend to say how difficult they are to work with and that fall out is a huge problem with this type of shadow. Being that I have no real experience I didn't want to spend a lot of money for something that I may have issues working with. That's where e.l.f. comes in. They have their Professional Studio Pigment Eyeshadow line selling at $3 USD a pop, which was truly irresistible to me while getting my stocking stuffers this Christmas. So I purchased my first pigment eyeshadow in Tropical Teal.

Disclaimer: I purchased this product with my own funds, I am not being paid or compensated by the company in question. My opinions are entirely my own.

The glare in this picture was awful, but under Pigment Eyeshadow it says "Loose eyeshadow; creates a dramatic look that is long lasting" and there is indeed a little eyeshadow brush included. Flat brush, not a fluffy one.
And I will say it's actually a decent little brush. I mean, the handle feels super cheap, but the bristles are surprisingly soft and hold the product quite well. I also haven't noticed any bristle fallout, which is always good. But let's be real here, nobody's reading this to listen to me fawn over a brush; Onto the product!
The shadow comes in the same basic container as e.l.f.'s cream eyeliner, glass jar that holds the product with a flat black plastic lid with the product & company name embossed in white. And I did drop this on the tile floor in my bathroom with the top off (huge mess, but I salvaged most of the product) and there was no damage to the container.               
e.l.f. Professional Studio Pigment Eyeshadow in Tropical Teal over primer
The product itself is very buildable and the color is absolutely gorgeous. You really can "create a subtle wash of color or a dramatic effect." e.l.f.'s website describes these as "jewel-toned, multi-dimensional pigments" and I really couldn't find a better description if I tried. The insane amount of ultra-fine shimmer reminds me of Make Up For Ever's Star Powder in Turquoise.
And it's not difficult to work with at all. Just tap your brush into the shadow, tap off the excess, and then pat it onto your eye and smooth it out. I didn't have any fallout on my cheeks, and it smoothed over the eye easily.
In this photo I applied the shadow over my bare lid, no primer, and used a little mascara and e.l.f.'s white Eye Widener on the water line. It shows up quite vibrantly without primer, though I would recommend primer for a long evening or for more dramatic color.
After wearing this shadow without primer for about 5 hours the color does fade a bit, but it isn't creasing or falling out onto my face. Definitely a good thing.
Overall this product rocks. The packaging is nice and sturdy, the shadow is gorgeous and long wearing, and it comes with a nifty little shadow brush that works quite well. Did I mention how lovely this is? Because it really really is pretty!!
So would I recommend this product? Hells yes. It's awesome. Will I repurchase? Most definitely!!! I'll definitely be getting more of these pigments, and I'll surely repurchase Tropical Teal when I use this one up. This is an amazing product at only $3 a pop! Happy Christmas to me!
Hope you enjoyed this review! If you have any questions about this product or would like to share your experience with it, feel free to drop a comment below. Have a happy new year! Til next time!

e.l.f. Essentials Eyelid Primer

So up until this point I haven't had an eyeshadow primer, I have just been using foundation as it works almost as well. But being that I'm doing the makeup guru thing, I figured I should probably use a proper primer for my eye makeup. And being that I was Santa this year, I made sure to put e.l.f. Essentials Eyelid Primer in Sheer in my stocking this Christmas.
 Disclaimer: I purchased this product with my own funds, I am not being paid or compensated by the company in question. My opinions are entirely my own.
This is going to be a relatively quick review, I mean how much can one really say about primer? This is $1 USD, and for that you get .17 fl oz. There are 4 different shades of this primer, I chose Sheer as I frequently wear neutral shadows irl.
The formula is rather thin, but a little goes a long way. And it really does smooth out the eye area and give you a nice even canvas for your makeup. It does prevent creasing and it keeps your shadow in place very well. Like I forgot to remove some shadow with this as the primer, fell asleep, and the next day my shadow still hadn't moved.
I have got to say that this is a phenomenal product especially for the price. I do plan on purchasing this primer in white to help brighten up some of my more colorful looks, and if it's anywhere near as nice as this primer I will be quite pleased.
I highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a primer and doesn't want to dump a ton of money. This was a great purchase and I am so very happy with it. Hope you enjoyed yet another of my e.l.f. stocking stuffer reviews. Til next time!

e.l.f. Essentials Eye Widener

So for a while now I've been wanting a white eyeliner to brighten up my lower water line, and when it came time to play Santa I just couldn't resist e.l.f. Essentials Eye Widener in White.
Disclaimer: I purchased this product with my own funds, I am not being paid or compensated by the company in question. My opinions are entirely my own.
This pencil comes with a built in sharpener in the lid which I have used and it works quite well.
Now to the product itself. I have mixed feelings about this formula. It shows up well on my arm for the swatch, nicely pigmented, bright, very awesome. But when I put this on my water line, it kind of fell flat. It did brighten my eye a bit, but the pigmentation disappeared unless I caked it on which totally irritated my eyes and left more color on my lashes than the water line. So not what I was expecting...
It's an okay product at best. In this picture I had to use 3 coats of the white liner and it's a visible white. One coat does brighten the eye a bit but it's not like white, just kind of glisteny.
I do think that the pencil would be good for costume style makeup or maybe a brow highlight, but it really just doesn't do it for me as an eye widener which is what it's made to be. I suppose at $1 USD, I shouldn't really expect much, but I have had such good luck with so many of e.l.f.'s products that this was really a disappointment.
Would I recommend this product? Probably not. Will I repurchase? No. Definitely no. But I'm sure I can find a use for this product, but it won't be on my water line.
I hope you enjoyed this review, and as always feel free to drop a comment below. I would love to know if anyone else has had similar results with this product or if I just got a bunk liner. Til next time!

e.l.f. Essentials Brightening Eyeliner Pencil

Today I decided to dabble with my new e.l.f. Brightening Eyeliner Pencil in Black. This is another one of my lovely e.l.f. stocking stuffer reviews, so let's get this started!
Disclaimer: I purchased this product with my own funds, I am not being paid or compensated by the company in question. My opinions are entirely my own.
Allrighty, this is a pretty standard eyeliner in my opinion. It did come with a sharpener that I haven't used yet, but I'm sure it works fine. How can you go wrong with a sharpener? And the pencil with the sharpener are $1 USD. The packaging claims that this product "Goes on without tugging; Instantly brightens and defines."
The color itself is pretty well pigmented for a pencil, which is always nice, and it did go on without any tugging. And as far as the defining and brightening bit, it's eyeliner. If it doesn't define, then what does it do? And I just don't see how putting black on your face could be brightening in any way. I'm guessing the brightening bit is for some of their other colored pencil liners.
The only thing that I have to say about this product that is negative is it's a little on the smudgey side. I mean, if you're trying to smudge it, that's great. But it's like it doesn't dry properly or something and if you touch it, it smudges. So I'm willing to bet that this doesn't have the greatest wear time.
It does apply very well though. It went on very creamy on both my lid and water line without making my eyes all angry like most pencils do.
So overall this product is really just okay. If you need a liner that smudges well and retains pigment, this is great. But if you want to keep your lines crisp all night, find something else.
Hope you enjoyed my review! Feel free to comment below or subscribe to see more reviews and tutorials. Til next time!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

e.l.f. Studio Cotouring Blush & Bronzing Cream

Next on the menu from my e.l.f. stocking stuffers is the e.l.f. Contouring Blush & Bronzer in St. Lucia. I've heard a lot about this particular item from various other people, and gotten some mixed reviews. Some say it's a NARS dupe, others say it's not at all. I don't personally have the NARS product that this is supposedly trying to duplicate, so I have no opinion on that. Don't ask cuz I do not know. I am focusing on this product, so let's get started.
Disclaimer: I purchased this product with my own funds, I am not being paid or compensated by the company in question. My opinions are entirely my own.
I'm going to start with the packaging, as it looks like they actually tried to make this one pretty. e.l.f. usually skimps pretty hard with their packaging, probably part of why their products are so inexpensive, but this one is actually pretty nice. Firstly it is made of hard matte black plastic whereas most of their products come in that super wimpy plastic, and it looks quite sleek and attractive. The clasp on it is also really quite nice. It's very secure and I have no worries that it will break or randomly pop open on me.
The inside is also well put together, it has a mirror on the top and then the 2 pans of color on the bottom. And they're pretty decently sized too. For $3USD, so far this is a really good deal. On to swatches!!
I did apply this product to bare skin, and it is highly pigmented. Keep that in mind as a little goes a long way! The blush is a really pretty soft pink/coral and the bronzer is a nice warm brown. Both colors are indeed matte! And they are so creamy! It's really quite wonderful. They make for a really gorgeous natural glow on my skin. And did I mention that they're super easy to work with? They blend really well.
I used the blush on the apples of my cheeks and it is just lovely. It looks so natural and healthy! And it has some longevity to it as well. This is seriously my new go-to blush, and my previous go-to blush was Benefit's Bella Bamba, so that's saying something.
I used the bronzer lightly in the hollows of my cheeks and pulled it up to my temples and brought it along my jaw line as well as just a titch on the sides of my nose as a contour. The bronzer is also quite lovely and I love that you can apply it lightly or build it up for a more dramatic look.
So far this is the BEST product bar none that I have purchased from e.l.f. It is totally gorgeous and versatile and has some serious lasting power. I can't think of a better product in this price range period. I will definitely be repurchasing this product when it starts to run low as it is totally awesome.
Hope you enjoyed this review, I know I enjoyed reviewing this one. So fabulous!!! As always feel free to drop a comment below, and if you like what you see here please subscribe. Til next time!

e.l.f. Essentials Brightening Eye Color - Day 2 Night

Okey dokey, today I have e.l.f.'s Brightening Eye Color in Day 2 Night to share with you all. For those of you who don't know, e.l.f.'s Brightening Eye Colors are little quads that they have in a variety of color combos. I reviewed their Punk Funk Brightening Eye Color a couple months back and totally loved it, so I was pretty excited to try some more of their little quads.
Disclaimer: I purchased this product with my own funds, I am not being paid or compensated by the company in question. My opinions are entirely my own.
Day 2 Night
The packaging says that the Brightening Eye Color is "Long-lasting, easy blending color; Instantly brightens and defines; Eyes look fresh and wide awake." And to this I say bull. This quad makes for lovely swatches and that's about it.
For these swatches I did apply over a primer, and they look fine. You can barely see the lightest of the colors, but I'm super pale so that's to be expected. What I didn't expect was the extreme difference in texture between the colors. The lightest color is really nice and creamy with no color fallout, the purple color was so soft it was crumbly and had a ton of fallout, the green is a creamy texture which is quite pleasant except that it has a ton of unexpected fallout, and the bronze color was so soft it was chalky but with almost no fallout.
But I was like whatever, I'll just be really careful when applying. Yeah. That did not work. There was so much fallout from the purple (even after I tapped the brush out) that it just kind of blended in with the bronze. The green barely showed up, apparently all the real pigment was in the fallout, and what was left on my eye barely looked green at all. the bronze went on fine as did the light cream color, though I had to seriously layer the cream color to get it to show up as even a little highlight. Oh and the shimmer from the bronze worked it's way pretty well everywhere.
For this look I applied the bronze on the lid, the purple in the crease, the green on the lower lash line, and the cream on the brow. Can you tell? Kind of, sort of, it's a stretch.
So is it a long-lasting, easy blending color? Yes and no. It doesn't last all that long as it all falls out. And yes, I did apply these colors over an eyelid primer. But it is very easy to blend. So easy in fact that it all just kind of blends together into a funk color.
Does it instantly brighten and define? Sort of. There's enough glitter in that bronze to brighten up any eye, but define? I think not. The massive amount of fallout kills any real chance at definition.
Do the eyes look fresh and wide awake? Loaded question. I was wide awake when I took the photo and I would love for someone to explain to me how a living eye can not look fresh. Were my eyes stale before or something?
So yeah. Day 2 Night quad, you are a terrifically horrible fail. This is the first e.l.f. product that I have purchased that made me think "Yah, I can really tell that was just a dollar." And for those who would defend this product simply because it only costs $1, get over it. e.l.f. has a ton of awesome products for $1 and this is far below their standards.
This probably goes w/o saying, but I will never repurchase this particular product. It was a serious fail and will probably sit at the bottom of my makeup bag for the rest of eternity. Major disappointment.
Feel free to drop a comment, let me know if you've had a similar or different experience with this product. Til next time!

Kiss Nail Dress

This is another review from my 2012 Holiday VoxBox from Influenster, and again if you are interested in Influenster drop a comment or get a hold of me via Facebook and I'll send you an invite or give you whatever information you need. But anywho, this particular item from my VoxBox is the Kiss Nail Dress. I have never used these before, but I have heard good things, so I was pretty excited to try them out. I received KDS15, which is a very pretty jeweled design that would be a really great look for New Year's parties. Elegant and blingy all in one.
Disclaimer: I received this item complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster. I am NOT being paid for this review or any of my opinions.
This product is $6.99 USD for 28 strips, and it also comes with a nail file as well as a little pamphlet that shows all the different designs they provide.

Alright, how to apply; "Clean nails with alcohol or polish remover. File and smooth nails. Keep strips in plastic sleeve until used." For those who might be curious, you need to use alcohol or polish remover to clean the nails as it removes oil from the nail which aids in the adhesive of the product as well as the longevity. Do not skip that step!!!
Before I go any further, I would just like to say that this is an awesome nail file. The pink side is fine grit and the blue side is very coarse. And both sides work fabulously. I used the pink side to file my nails before applying the Nail Dress, and it was amazing as to how well it worked. I know it's silly to get so excited about a nail file, but I am and it is awesome.
Moving on with the application directions; "1. Select size that fits your nail 2. Apply near, not on cuticle & smooth away from center 3. Fold down over edge & file excess." It says to use the black side of the file for the jeweled strips and the pink for the fashion strips. Idk where they got black from as my file is definitely blue, but whatever.
The packaging also says at the top "On in minutes, off in seconds without remover" and on the front it says that it lasts up to 10 days. I applied these tonight, so I haven't a clue as to their longevity, though I'm sure it is very dependent on how often you work with your hands. And I did put the wrong size on one of nails and it did peel off with minimal effort, so I'm guessing that the off in seconds w/o remover is pretty accurate. But on in minutes? More like 20-30 minutes. But I'm also a little nit-picky, so maybe it's quicker for those who care a little less about perfection. Idk.
But I'm sure that you're sick of me blathering about the little details and just want to see some results. I'm including a few different pictures because the design was so flippin shiny that I had a terrible time getting a decent glare-free picture.
I found that when applying them I personally had an easier time smoothing it out from the top instead of the center, so if you're trying these out and having issues with air bubbles or creasing try smoothing from the top.
I was a little hazy about just filing the excess off, but it ended up working pretty well for me. I think it would have been easier with some of my shorter nails to cut some of the excess with nail scissors and then file, but it still worked just fine.
So even though these did take longer to apply than the packaging indicated it is a lovely product. It still takes way less time than doing the nail art and it's much simpler. I've been wearing these for a few hours and haven't had them try to peel up or anything.
I think that this is a GREAT product. It would be awesome for saving money on prom or for a wedding. A  manicure with nail art at a salon is generally at least $30, so if you have 4 bridesmaids that's $120 on nails just for them. Or you could get these for the bridesmaids at $6.99 a piece for a total of $27.96. That's a huge savings for a beautiful result.
This product totally gets my seal of approval, I love it. It's even easy to do both hands. If you haven't tried these, I would definitely recommend you do. They aren't expensive and they're so pretty!!! But I'm gushing now... So if you've tried these, let me know what you think! Make sure to let me know which is your favorite design, I totally plan on trying more of these in the future. Hope you enjoyed this review, let me know if you want an invite to Influenster as this is my last test item through them so I probably won't be talking much about them in the near future. Til next time!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

e.l.f. Essentials All Over Cover Stick

Day 2 of my e.l.f. stocking stuffer posts!!! Today I'm starting with e.l.f. Essentials All Over Cover Stick. Up to this point I did not have a proper full coverage concealer, so I was pretty excited to get this and give it a try. I am often hesitant about buying facial products online because most foundations and such tend to be too yellow or orange for my skin. But e.l.f. actually has a pretty large color selection for their skin products, and I decided to try the cover stick (it's only a dollar) in Apricot Beige.
Disclaimer: I purchased this product with my own funds, I am not being paid or compensated by the company in question. My opinions are entirely my own.
So let's get started with what the packaging says about the product. "Smooths and protects skin while camouflaging problem facial areas; Full coverage under eye and facial spot concealer; Infused with active skin polymers; Smooth, flawless application; Will not crease when blending properly with e.l.f. Professional Blending Brush." I'm pretty sure that any blending brush would work.. Product placement much? And as far as active skin polymers go, I am clueless.
As far as the packaging goes, it's plastic. It twists up. Has a clear plastic lid to go with it. Not much to say.
Here's a swatch of the concealer, I know you can barely see it, but that is kind of the point. It is full coverage, which is good (duh), and it does go on quite smooth and I haven't had any issues with creasing thus far. And I love this color. It matches my skin so well, which is just awesome. Also, it is scented and it smells just like orange sherbet. The scent is in no way overpowering, just pleasantly there.
In this photo I used the concealer under my eyes, I did NOT finish it with a powder, just blended it out with a brush. I didn't apply it liberally or anything, I found that a little went quite a long way. Also pretty awesome.
So overall this is nice product. It's easy to use, does what it's supposed to, and comes in 7 different colors from fair to dark. And as I mentioned earlier it's only $1 USD!!! I'm sure there are nicer concealers out there, but I doubt that there any that are this nice for this price. I'm sure that I will get a lot of good use from this product, and I will probably buy this again. Hope you enjoyed this review, and as always feel free to drop a comment below. Til next time!

e.l.f. Essentials Lip Stain

Next item in the stocking is e.l.f. Essentials Lip Stain in Nude Nectar.  This product sells for $2 USD.
 Disclaimer: I purchased this product with my own funds, I am not being paid or compensated by the company in question. My opinions are entirely my own.
Now according to the packaging, when using this product you "Get beautiful precision color that lasts for hours with this pigment-rich lip marker; The pen like tip lets you draw on color easily for a streak & smudge free professional look; Infused with nourishing Vitamin E to hydrate and moisturize lips." And yeah, you just use the marker to clean, dry lips and build it up to the desired coverage.
It really is packaged just like a marker, all plastic with a felt tip. The tip has a nice strong shape which is awesome because it gives you full control as to where you put color. This is pretty necessary as this really is a stain and it is very unforgiving. Once it's on it is on. I did do a swatch on my arm which I totally forgot to take a photo of, and that line stayed there for hours, no smudging whatsoever. It took like 2 loads of dishes to get that stuff off. But it is very precise and pigment-rich, just like the description said. Yay!
The description also said that it hydrates and moisturizes, and with that I disagree. Almost immediately after applying the lip stain, I felt my lips get a little dry. And they continued to dry up as the product really set in.
See how dry it made my lips look? I don't generally anticipate for a lip stain to be hydrating, the last one I had came with a hydrating gloss to put over it. But to say it's hydrating on it's own is a serious stretch. Bad e.l.f.! This is easily taken care of with a hydrating gloss, but it's the principle.
It really is gorgeous with a gloss over it though! So I do like the stain, it lives up to most of it's claims. And even though it dries my lips out a little, it's easy enough to fix. Overall, I think this is a nice product. I can't say as to whether I will be buying more in the near future, but I really prefer lipsticks to lip stains. I really only wanted this to try out the product. I also have a sneaking suspicion that this stain will dry out rather quickly. I can't be sure as I've never used this before and there's no way of telling how much is in there, but I just have a feeling.
If you've had any past experience with this product and it's life span, I would love to hear it. Maybe you can talk me into buying another, who knows? Til next time!

e.l.f. Essentials Plumping Lip Glaze

Alright, this is the second installment to my epic e.l.f. stocking haul, yay!!! This time it's the e.l.f. Essentials Plumping Lip Glaze in Fuschia Fanatic. Let's dive right in!
Disclaimer: I purchased this product with my own funds, I am not being paid or compensated by the company in question. My opinions are entirely my own.
So this is a double ended lip glaze, one end being clear and "plumping" and the other is the colored end, in this case fuschia. The directions say "For best results, use clear gloss under tinted glaze..." And their description says, "Clear glaze instantly stimulates lips to create a fuller look; Tinted glaze continues to plump while intensely hydrating."
The wands are pretty standard as far as lip gloss wands go. The packaging is also pretty basic. Not really much to say about it, it's functional and looks fine.
The formula is pretty nice, it's not sticky at all. When I think lip glaze I tend to think sticky, so I found that to be particularly awesome. The clear gloss is just a nice shiny gloss, and when you put it on it's all tingly. Then the tinted glaze, on it's own is highly pigmented and shiny and awesome. Love it. And when you put it over the clear glaze it goes crazy. The tingly sensation gets a little intense, reminds me of Noxema. Like the white cream Noxema that came in the plastic containers. Idk if they still make it, I haven't used it since I was 16, but I loved that too. And with the intense tingling does come some plumping. It's not like super dramatic, but it does make for a little plumpness.
The only downside really is that when you use the tinted glaze over the clear glaze it's not as vivid a color. It's still pretty, just not as much pop.
This is a nice lip glaze duo, gives just a nice splash of color while making your lips appear fuller. It's not intensely hydrating as the packaging states, but it's also $1 USD. How much can one really expect for so little? So I definitely approve of this product. Will I purchase more? I don't know. Probably eventually, but right now I kind of have a surplus of lip glosses, so being that this isn't really anything too special it'll probably be a while before I buy more. But who knows? I really do like it.
I hope to hear some feedback from some of you guys, I love hearing what you have to say! Til next time!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

e.l.f. Essential Lipstick Review

Okay, I have a TON of stuff to review thanks to my lovely family feeding my makeup habit this Christmas. I got the Sephora palette from my husband, which is old news now, a $60 gift card for MAC cosmetics thanks to my lovely mother, and a stocking FULL of e.l.f. products from Santa. So I'm going to pump out these e.l.f. reviews one after another until they are done.
So let's get started! I got two e.l.f. Essential Lipsticks in my stocking. The first is Fearless which is a bright red color, the other is Sociable which is a bright pink. According to the packaging this lipsticks provides long lasting color and shine; hydrates, conditions and softens on contact; and soothes and smooths lips.
 Disclaimer: I purchased this product with my own funds, I am not being paid or compensated by the company in question. My opinions are entirely my own.
Okay, the packaging. I like the overall design and color theme going on here, it's simple but it works. Love that there's a sticker on the bottom that tells me the color and I can see the color through the clear plastic in the middle. Handy if you're digging through your purse, ya know. The downside of the packaging is that it just feels cheap. And the lipstick inside Sociable was actually put in improperly and it scrapes on the side of the packaging. But at $1 USD a piece, I can overlook that.
As you can see, I have Fearless on the left and Sociable on the right. I found them to both be quite pigmented and vivid. They have a satin finish and are quite creamy. I found them to be easy to apply and they look really nice.
I like both colors a lot, they look exactly as I expected them to. I am favoring Fearless right now, but red is probably my favorite lip color. And I am definitely going to be purchasing more of these lipsticks! I mean, at a dollar a pop, how can I not? Great way to branch out with new colors.
And they didn't make my lips dry or chalky either. They really were pretty hydrating. And the colors do last quite some time. They even stained my lips a little.
These lipsticks are a great deal and they are really pretty nice. The packaging is lacking, but I'm okay with that personally. I would highly recommend this product to anyone. So drop me a comment! Which color is your favorite? What are your experiences with this product? Let me know! I hope to hear from some of you. Til next time!

NYC New York Lip Color Liquid Lipshine

This is another product review of an item I received in my Holiday VoxBox from Influenster. Influesnter is a really cool site, it's a type of interactive product testing/reviewing site. Basically, you sign up and you're given tasks to unlock badges: taking surveys, reviewing products, sharing products via social media, etc. When you unlock stuff and get your points higher, you qualify for various VoxBoxes in which your receive items to check out based on your interests. They ship stuff to your house, you don't have to pay for shipping or anything. If you're interested, say something in the comments and I'll send you an invite or whatever.
This lovely item is NYC New York Lip Color Liquid Lipshine in Nude York City.
Disclaimer: I received these complimentary items for testing purposes from Influenster. I am not being paid for my opinions and they are entirely my own.
I've never purchased this particular brand before, but it seemed nice enough. It's priced at $2.49 USD, which is pretty cheap. It looks nice enough, the container is glass, not plastic, and the label is unobtrusive with the product visible. Nice start.
On to the formula then. It's got a decent amount of pigment to it, and it smells kind of like marshmallows. I like it, personally. It's not super sticky, but it is thick. Like I can totally tell I'm wearing it, but it's not horrible or anything.
Unfortunately, light nudes aren't generally my best colors. I look best in lip colors with red/pink undertones, so this really isn't my color.
So yeah, not my color, but still a fine gloss. It's not my favorite or anything, but I would consider buying some of the other colors. It actually looks pretty good over a darker lip stain or lipstick.
Here it is over my e.l.f. lip stain in Nude Nectar. Much better. So, I really do like this product and would recommend it. It's inexpensive, super shiny and quite pretty. Feel free to comment as always. I love hearing what you guys have to say about the products! Til next time!