Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Random Update - Schedules, DIY, Q&A

Okay, so I know I haven't posted anything in a while, and I'm sorry. It has been super hectic over here and I have been needed elsewhere. I don't know when my schedule is going to balance out, but I'm going to try and post stuff as much as possible.
Random funs, the lip color is Viva Glam Nicki if you're curious.
I do have some ideas brewing in my head about what direction I want this blog to go, and I would love to get your input on it. You guys are the audience, after all.
For starters, I want to have a set schedule for my postings. Like Monday could be a FOTD, Wednesday an eye tutorial, DIY Fridays. Something of that nature. Is this something that you think would be cool? And if it is, let me know how often you would like to see me post things, and let me know the stuff that interests you the most so that I can schedule accordingly.
Secondly, I want your input! What do you guys want to see me putting up here? I was thinking of doing DIY stuff like homemade masks, facials, and what not. Is that something that you guys would like to see? Do you prefer tutorials or product reviews? I really want to more actively engage my readers. So like me on Facebook or Twitter, and let me know what it is that you want! You can also drop comments on any of my posts as to what you'd like to see me doing. Even if it's stuff about the layout of my blog or my writing style, I want to know what you think so that I can make this blog totally rock.
I would also really like to do a Q&A type thing maybe once a month, depending on how many questions I receive. I would prefer the questions to be posted to my Facebook, and they can be about anything; Makeup tips, what kind of brushes I use, personal stuff, my stance on gay marriage and the Death Star, whatever you want to know! And then I'll talk all your questions and answer them here. I think it could be way fun, and would love for that to work out. If you all think it's stupid, feel free to tell me. No point in a Q&A if there are no Q's.
I was also thinking it could be fun to do makeovers of friends, family, or readers in the area. It just seems that if I'm doing makeup tutorials, I should probably do some that would apply to people that don't look just like me. Again, if you're interested in this, let me know.
That pretty well sums it up, I think at this point this seriously goes without saying, but... As always, feel free to comment below! And if you subscribe you'll make my day. But please, let me know how you feel about the changes I'd like to make to the blog, and if you have other random ideas TELL ME!!!! Hope to hear from you guys soon!!! Til next time!


  1. So i learned i CAN comment on here! anyway. do the egg mask!

    1. I can definitely do that. So, that's one for DIY stuffs. :)