Friday, January 25, 2013

Just Rambling

Thought I would let you guys know that I'm probably going to be out of commission for the next couple/few days as I, my daughter, and my husband have all come down with some sort of awful head cold. It's really pretty miserable, not gonna lie. So sorry if you're looking forward to awesomeness, because I won't be delivering.
But I figured I'd do one quick little bit of randomness before this cold has me laid out with peppermint tea and soup.
This is my lovely daughter, Penny Lane, she is 2 years old and this is her first time really playing in the snow. I do live in Michigan, which generally has quite a bit of snow in the winter but this past week was the first time that we really got dumped on this year. And being that last year she had only just started walking right around winter, this is her first real fun in the snow and I thought the world should know. Because my kid is awesome. Yeah.
I know this post was totally random, but it just felt like the thing to do and being that this is my blog, I did it.
Hopefully I will be chattering away at you guys again soon, but for now I have a sick family to heal. Til next time!


  1. Oh happy day!
    It’s rainy here, the family is watching a Fringe dvd marathon and the crockpot is bubbling!
    Hope this finds you having an awesome day too!
    Remember Monday January 28th is the final day of the Valentine’s Day Beauty Bonanza ! Enter now!
    Ciao ciao!

    1. Sounds like you guys are having loads of fun! Things are going well here also, the meat for my curry is marinating and we're watching cartoons. :)
      I will most definitely be entering the Valentine's Day Beauty Bonanza! Thanks for letting me know.

      Have a lovely day!

  2. You have such a cute daughter :) Very cute

  3. Hope you'll get back here soon. Take care, dear!

    1. I hope to be back in action soon, it's been a rough past couple of days for me and the little one.