Tuesday, January 8, 2013

MAC Cosmetics Viva Glam Nicki LE

Tonight I'm going to review Viva Glam Nicki by MAC Cosmetics. I did a brief overview in my First Ever MAC Haul post, and now it's time for the real deal. This is a limited edition product, so if you like this lipstick you should pick it up before it's off the shelf! Fair warning, some of these pictures are repeats from my MAC Haul post and this is going to be pretty picture heavy.
Disclaimer: I purchased these products with my own personal funds, I am not being paid or compensated by the company in question. My opinions are totally my own.
 Alright let's start at the beginning; the packaging. The lipstick comes in a sturdy little cardboard box that's flat black with MAC's logo and the product description in white. Pretty standard for MAC packaging. But being that this is the signature Nicki Minaj lipstick, it does have her signature embossed in red across the packaging.
Before I get into the product itself too much more, I've got a few things to say. This lipstick is selling on MAC's website for $15 USD. For me, that's a lot for a lipstick. However, every cent from the sale goes to men, women, and children living with and affected by HIV/AIDs. So that $15 is going to a great cause. Just thought I should throw that out there. For the children, yo.
 On to the actual product container then. It's pretty plain, but in a high class way. Black exterior with a red band across the middle and the MAC logo in red as well. Okay, not gonna lie here, the tube itself is ugly. I hate the rounded top tube, it looks like a glorified tampon. It's a highly functional tube, I'm not worried about it popping open in my purse or anything, I just hate the design. Even though I think the tube is ugly, it will not deter me in any way from purchasing MAC lipsticks in the future.
When you take the cap off of the tube, the twisty bit (ya know, the part you twist to make the lipstick come out; I have no idea what that's called) is the same shiny red as the exterior with the MAC logo in black as well as Nicki's signature, also in black.
Viva Glam Nicki Swatch
I was quite pleased when I swatched this lipstick. It goes on super creamy and is highly pigmented, which is awesome being that this color is absolutely gorgeous. It's such a lovely bright pink, more on the yellow side than the blue, and has a luscious satin finish. After I applied the swatch, I let it sit for a bit to see how it did long term with smudging and color retention. Once this product has set it does not move! And the color lasts for a really long time. The swatch actually ended up staining the skin on my wrist! It's been 5 days, and I can still see the swatch! It's faded, obviously, but that's still pretty impressive. And for the record, it doesn't stain my lips.
And here's the product on my lips. It's just beautiful. It doesn't dry my lips out or feel cakey like some lipsticks do. I didn't even use a lip balm or anything before I applied, just put the color directly on my lips. Also, I did not use a lip brush and there's no feathering. After wearing this for a while, the color stays put without smearing, smudging, or color loss. And the satin finish seriously makes your lips glisten. Like 'Are they wet or is that just bitchin lipstick?' glisten. And to top it all off, this smells amazing. It has a light vanilla scent that is quite appealing, no weird waxy smell like you get with some lipsticks.
Finished face!
 And for the big questions!!! Would I recommend this product? Oh yeah! This is a gorgeous color that is highly pigmented, glides on easily, lasts forever, and smells great. If you like lipstick and don't have this, you should probably buy it. If you already have one, maybe you should buy a backup, it is LE so it's not gonna be out there forever!! Will I repurchase this product? I hope to. I'm not rich, I have a kid, a husband, a dog and 2 cats, so it's not always on my budget to spend $15 on lipstick. But if I have the spare cash before this lipstick gets pulled off the rack, you better believe I'm going to buy a backup.
So my overall impression is WOW. This is the best lipstick I have ever used. I will definitely be buying more of MAC's lipsticks.
And to end this post, a few Nicki Minaj inspired duck faces!!!
Haha! Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did. You have no idea how many duck face pictures I took... Please, feel free to comment below, I love hearing back from my readers and I do read every single comment. And if you haven't subscribed yet and ya like what ya saw here, don't hesitate to do so! Til next time!


  1. Hahaha--love the duck faces! Love that color on you too! I think I might have to try...I need one that lasts a while and doesn't come off too quickly.

    1. Thanks! And this would lipstick would definitely work for you. It's a little bit of a splurge for lipstick, but I have a feeling it's going to last a long time. High pigmentation means a little goes a long way. :)