Wednesday, January 23, 2013

EBOOST - Pink Lemonade Flavor

Alrighty, this post is way delayed, but I have just a quick review from another one of my items from my 2012 Holiday VoxBox from Influenster. Drumroll..... EBOOST in Pink Lemonade Flavor!!!

Disclaimer: I received this item complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster. All opinions are entirely my own, no one is paying for them.

I'm going to keep this one short and sweet, as it's not my usual beauty stuffs. Let's start with a quick description. EBOOST is a natural energy booster (just in case you couldn't tell by the packaging...) as well as being low calorie. Yay! This product uses a small amount of caffeine supplemented by generous quantities of vitamins to naturally boost your energy. And it's sweetened with Stevia, so no artificial sweeteners involved here, big boost for the product. It also comes in an easy to mix powder (similar to Crystal Light) or in shots, though they are more expensive. It's $28 USD for a box of 20 powders or $39 USD for a box of 12 shots.
The sample that I received was Pink Lemonade flavor, though they also have Super Berry, Orange, and Acai Pomegranate. The Pink Lemonade flavor was a little disappointing to be honest. It was a little bland and quite sweet, whereas I prefer a more tart lemonade flavor. But that's just me, a lot of people really prefer their lemonade sweet. And I would really like to try the Acai Pomegranate as it's a flavor I tend to favor in these types of drinks.
And the big question, does it work? Yes it does. It doesn't make you like super charged crazy like an energy drink, and there are no jitters to accompany it, I just felt awake. Awake for quite a long while, haha. And there really was no come down or crash or anything, it was a very natural transition. So yay for doing what the packaging says!
Overall, I think this is a good product, though again, I was a little bummed by the sweetness of the lemonade. I'll probably try some of the other flavors to see how I feel about them.
Hope you enjoyed my quick review, and I'd love to hear about your personal experiences with this product. Don't forget to subscribe or Like KalamityJane on Facebook. Til next time!


  1. I'm really glad you did this post! It seems like something I'd like to try!! I need to check it out. (:

    Lexi Rose

    1. My husband liked the flavor more than I did, but it definitely did it's job. :)