Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Cailyn Cosmetics Tinted Lip Balm in Big Apple

Hello lovelies!

I've got a late night review for ya, I was going to post earlier when the kiddo was in school, but I totally napped instead lol. This past weekend has been just crazy, my whole family is sick, and then my cousin called me Thursday night saying that she was coming down for the weekend to celebrate my birthday with me. So I have been way busy with my birthday and hanging with my cousin and such.
But anywho, for tonight I am reviewing Cailyn Cosmetics Tinted Lip Balm in Big Apple, which I received in my September Glam bag from Ipsy. The full size lip balm sells for $19, I'm not sure if this a full size or not as they didn't say the weight or volume of the full size product on Cailyn's website. I've used this product like half a dozen times or so and haven't even kind of put a dent in it, so you do get your money's worth with this product.

Cailyn Tinted Lip Balm in Big Apple

I really like the packaging for this product, it seems pretty sturdy and the little brush is really quite nice. I like how it all fits together, you can just throw it in your purse without getting your brush all nasty and it stays together really well.
But the thing that stood out to me the most about this particular product is the formula. It claims to be a balm, and on the website it claims to be moisturizing, but it's not really either. It feels like a lipstick/lip pencil when on the lips, and it applies like a pot of lipstick. It is in no way moisturizing, and is actually rather drying on the lips. I apply this after applying a light clear balm and it works like a charm. The name is just misleading.
After you apply, you have a little bit of time before it really sets to kind of tweak it how you like it, it probably takes about 5-1 minutes to really set. But once it's set, it's set. I haven't had any issue with this product smudging all over my face or anything, and a little bit of this goes a long way.

I applied it kinda sloppy in these pictures, sorry, but it's late and I'm tired. As you can see it's a very bright red that is totally opaque with a gorgeous matte finish. And it's like a pretty natural matte finish, not one of those super matte fake looking finishes. So this is pretty wearable if you're comfortable with bright colors.

In this photo from the other day, I applied this lip product really lightly for a nice wash of color that wasn't super in your face. It's really a pretty color, and I'm loving it right now.

This is a picture of me and my cousin Katie about 7-8 hours after I applied the lip color. This color didn't fade much, it didn't smudge at all, and it still looks totally gorgeous. 

Overall, I'm really pleased with this product, even if it isn't what it claims to be. It's a beautiful lip color that's long lasting and applies like a charm. It's kind of on the expensive side, which is a bit of a deterrent for me at the moment, but if you can afford to spend that kind of money on a product I'd say give it a try. It really is a nice product.

But I've got to get to bed, morning comes all too early these days. Hope you're all having a great week so far, I'm anxiously awaiting a small package from Sephora (my birthday present to myself) and I can't wait to show you guys the goodies I'm getting. Til next time!


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    1. Thanks! and it is just a gorgeous color. I was really pleased with this product.

  2. Oh my that's definitely not a balm. But I do love those long-stay lip staining colours, I just apply a tad of salve on top if they're too drying. Happy birthday btw! Can't wait to see what you get from Sephora xx
    My Beauty Junction

    1. Oh yeah, nothing balmy about this stuff. But it's still a great product, just mislabeled. I just make sure my lips are nice and hydrated before I apply and this stuff is great.
      And thanks for the birthday happy thoughts!! You'll love what I got from Sephora! xx

  3. Such gorgeous color!I love it!I agree, the name is just misleading but I'd def be happy to use something like this.A bit pricey through.

    ooh can't wait to see your Sephora haul!So excited!Happy birthday again Danielle! :)


    1. Yeah, not something that I will be running to buy any time soon because of the price. It really is a great product, I'm just not made of money.

      And thanks again!! Had a great birthday hanging out with my husband and cousin. :)

  4. Oooh what a lovely color :) Im a huge fan of red lips and I wear red lips very often myself :)
    Can´t wait to see your Sephora haul hun :)