Tuesday, October 1, 2013

An Itty Bitty Birthday Haul from Sephora

Hello lovelies!!

Sorry for the brief absence but my kitties decided to go all crazy and wreck my wifi thingy, so I was without regular internet access on the laptop for a minute. But we got that all sorted out, so I'm back to the blog again. Today I have my birthday haul from Sephora to share with you guys. I didn't do any massive shopping or anything as I am *trying* to save money and be a bit more frugal, but I got a couple of things that sparked my interest largely so that I could get my birthday gift from Sephora. For those of you who don't know, Sephora gives out some pretty awesome deluxe sample items to the beauty insiders on their birthday. Great excuse to spend a few bucks lol. So here's what I got:

Alright, I purchased 2 Sephora Collection Color Hit Nail Polishes, and a Sephora by OPI Blasted Nail Color, and then I received from Sephora for my bday gift a Benefit deluxe sample of They're Real mascara and Watt's Up.

The 2 Sephora Collection Color Hit Nail Polishes I bought were in Black Lace and Blackjack. Black Lace is a black polish with a glossy finish and Blackjack is a sparkling black polish that is almost like a gunmetal color. They are $5 a piece and they are rather small. Definitely smaller than I had anticipated. But they're really pretty, not too pricey, and they have squared bottles as opposed to round which are easier to open.

And here's the Sephora by OPI Blasted Nail Color that I bought, I (obviously) got it in white. The Blasted colors are like the crackle coat nail polishes that were like all the rage for a minute. I got this on sale for $3, which is an amazing deal. I fooled around with this polish already, and it does crackle REALLY well. Totally worth $3.

And my BI birthday present from Sephora. As always, the gift comes in adorable packaging and it has little holdy bits inside for the actual product so if you are getting this shipped to you the contents aren't going to be jostled around all over the place.

I was so stoked when I saw that the birthday gift was a combo of They're Real! and Watt's Up! I've been wanting to try both of these for a while now, they get rave reviews from other people and I've never gotten a bad product from Benefit. I'm really excited to really play around with these products, I'm a total mascara junky, and I have been loving highlighters/luminizers lately. This was such a great pick for the birthday gift!!!

So yeah, I had a pretty good birthday this year. Nothing over the top, but I got to spend time with my favorite people and I got a few little things for myself. A great way to celebrate another year alive on the planet I'd say. A big thanks to all of you who wished me a happy birthday!! It's so nice to hear positive thoughts from you guys, it really brightens my day! I hope you're all having a great day, I'm hoping to squeeze in a workout before the kiddo gets home from day care personally as today is the beginning of the October workout calendar from Blogilates. If you're into the fitness stuffs, I would highly recommend you check her workouts out. She's a great fitness instructor and I LOVE doing her vids. But it's time to get my fitness on, so... Til next time!!!


  1. Can't wait to see how you look with Watt's Up - I'm getting into highlighters of late as well! All the prezzies look lovely... I must confess to turning to crackle/shatter polishes whenever I'm lazy to stamp.
    My Beauty Junction

  2. Happy belated birthday! It's a gorgeous haul :)