Monday, November 26, 2012

Cute Winter Themed Nails

So even though the snow has stopped out here, I'm totally in the holiday spirit now. I even know that my husband bought me that Sephora palette I want so bad for Christmas. He said that I can open it to review it before Christmas (pretty sure that it LE) and then we'll just wrap it up Christmas Eve for pictures. Yay! I'll be having fun with that one for ages.
But anywho, back to me and my holiday spirit. Today I decided to do a winter themed nail to celebrate the coming festive weather, I'm totally hoping we'll get some decent snow soon! I so want to drag my daughter outside to make snowmen and forts and catch snowflakes and such. Maybe my nails will be a good luck charm?
Basically, I took a sparkly charcoal/black and covered the entire nail, two coats. Then on four of the fingers I made snowflakes.
I just took a white nail art pen and painted two lines perpendicular to each other and then two more perpendicular lines, shorter than the first, through the open spaces in the first pair of lines. I then angled litlle V's through the longer set of perpendicular lines. I added a few little white dots for effect. After the white dried, I added a dot of silver glitter on the ends of the lines and in the center of the snowflakes.
For the snowman, I painted two white dots, one on top of the other making the bottom one about twice as big as the top, and then took two swipes under the dots to give a base for the snowman to sit on. After that dried, I took a black nail art pen and very carefully put two eyes, a little smiley mouth, three buttons, two quick stick arms, and then I outlined the bottom "snow" to give it some dimension. Then I took a pink nail art pen and swooped a scarf on him and a purple nail art pen to make a little hat. A few white dots in the background for some snowfall, and voila! Snowman. Add a layer of top coat over all your nails and you're good to go for the holidays!
Hope this gets the holiday spirit stirring up in some of you! Til next time!