Monday, July 22, 2013

BH Cosmetics Hollywood Palette

Hello lovelies! I hope you're all off to a great week, my husband actually has a few days off, so I'm definitely off to a good start. :)
But today I'm going to be walking you through the Hollywood palette from BH Cosmetics' California Collection. This is the second of their palettes that I've tried, and so far I am very pleased with their products. Now, this palette is selling for $18 and comes with 16 eyeshadows and 4 blushers. This is a very bright palette, and the colors are very Hollywood.

Alright, now I love the packaging that the palettes from the California Collection come in. They chose great colors in the packaging that reflect the colors used in the makeup, and the package art is just fab. They put a little sleeve on the outside with the same imaging from actual palette. It doesn't really serve a purpose, but it looks nice I suppose.

The palette has a magnet to hold it closed, and the magnet is quite nice, so no worries if you toss it in your purse for touch ups. As you can see, the palette has a little mirror for touch ups and the blushers are in the middle with the shadows on either side. The mirror is a bit small, but for just doing touch ups it's pretty perfect.

I was so pleased with the blushers in this palette. The colors are well suited for my coloring, and they are highly pigmented. The light pink gives a very healthy girl-next-door wash of color to your cheeks, and the dark pink is loaded with glitter and great for an evening out. This highlight is also totally awesome, it shows up really well and really makes my cheekbones pop. The bronzer is one of those great almost-matte super natural looking shades and I'm in love with it. It's probably my new favorite bronzer. All of these blushers applied with ease and are soft but not to the point of fallout. 

Hollywood palette blusher swatches

The eyeshadows in this palette are super vivid and bright, and there's a even blend of shimmer, glitter, matte, and metallic shades. They all swatched well, though the pink/melon shadow on the bottom right of the set on the left was a bit harder to work with than the rest of the shadows.

Eyeshadow swatches from the left side of the Hollywood palette
Eyeshadow swatches from the right side of the Hollywood palette
Overall, I am extremely happy with the quality of this palette. The packaging is adorable, I'm in love with the blushers, and the eyeshadows are totally fun and gorgeous. I'm particularly fond of the matte lime green shadow and the matte fuchsia shadow, they're just SO bright.
And again, this palette sells for $18 at BH Cosmetics' website, or you could enter to win this palette as well as the other 2 California Collection palettes at my giveaway *Here*
I hope you guys enjoyed this little look at the Hollywood palette and have a great week! Later this week I'll have up a look or 2 or 3 featuring the shadows and blushers from this palette. Til next time!


  1. Super pigmentation and some awesome colours there - I particularly liked those blushes and bronzer. Can't wait to see what you do with the lime green shadow!
    My Beauty Junction

    1. This is going to be such a fun palette to play with!! I can't wait to really get into it. :)

  2. Thank you! I firetrucking <3 those reds and pinks!

    1. They're pretty effing awesome, for sure. You'll love the fuchsia shadow, it's amazing.

  3. Wow... just wow!!
    Id love to own that palette :)
    I love the eye shadow colors :)
    Its seldom that you see a brand release red shadows :)

    1. I love the selection of colors they chose for this palette. And it is very rare to find palettes with reds in them, which I found awesome. xx

  4. Nice palette :) The price is very good for such a colorful, vibrant and pigmented shades. Thanks for sharing! ;)

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    1. Oh yeah, BH has great prices for their palettes. I'm definitely going to be getting some more of their stuff in the future. Very pleased with my purchase. :)