Friday, July 13, 2012

Ready, Steady, GO!!!!

So... I'm KalamityJane and this is my first blog ever. I'm not really sure what I want to really get across in this, my first of many blogs, but I know I'm definitely trying for something. I promise that my other blogs will be more structured, I'm just truly horrible at introducing myself.
Basically, most of what I'm going to be posting here are make up reviews, some hair products (not many of those though..) and nail polish/technique reviews/tutorials. There will undoubtedly be random body mod blogs, as I am working at a tattoo shop on the weekends, and probably a few random office blogs being that I work as a receptionist M-F.
But... Back to the introduction bit. My name is not really KalamityJane, nor is it Jane. It's just a nickname that kinda stuck over the years. I'm currently 24, living in Michigan, and am married with one lovely daughter who will be 2 on Sept 1! I won't be blogging much about my family because this is my blog, and if they wanted to be in a blog they would do it themselves (obviously not my daughter, but she still has the right to privacy.) I also have 2 cats and a dog, all male, who I friggin adore and will probably be posting random pictures of and will probably show up in some sleep deprived blogging.
When I'm not totally preoccupied with my family and work, I LOVE playing around with make up and random nail art techniques. I actually attended cosmetology school for a bit, but developed a nasty case of carpel tunnel and dropped out before I could totally bury myself in student loans. However, since I'm not doing hair everyday anymore, my carpel tunnel symptoms rarely affect my life which is a major yay. I spend a slightly unhealthy amount of time on, peeping out different palettes and skin care products. I'm working on a lovely little collection of assorted make up goodies, and I plan on sharing as much as humanly possible as I have never before found something even semi practical to collect before.
I hope to be blogging about once a week, sometimes more sometimes less. I have very little free time, so don't hate on my inconsistent blogging.
I also have a lot of other interests like movies, music, art, attempting to live healthier, blah blah blah...
But that's pretty well an abridged version of me, if you're reading this and have any questions or whatever, hit me up, I'll try to be prompt on returning messages. So, ta ta for now!

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