Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mini e.l.f. Haul Part 2 - Little Black Beauty Book Cool Python Edition

And welcome to part 2 of my first little e.l.f. haul!!! For today I have (insert drum roll here) e.l.f. Little Black Beauty Book Cool Python Edition! Sorry, I'm a little excitable today.
Disclaimer: I purchased this product with my own funds, I am not being paid or compensated by the company in question. My opinions are entirely my own.

Above is the outer packaging for the BB, and it's really pretty nice. The cardboard they use is a little on the cheap side, but the lettering is all embossed and the snake skin background is textured. So yeah, it looks lovely, especially for the price.

And for the book itself. It appears to be made of cheap rather cheap leather and plastic with a magnet for closure. My BB is actually kind of cock eyed, like the sides don't line up quite right. The stitching is also crooked and there's one really long string hanging from the stitching on the back. But the overall look is pretty good, definitely passable, and for the price you really aren't going to do much better. Moving on now...

Here is the open BB. There are 48 different colors to choose from, mostly shimmery colors, but a couple of them are quite matte. The pans of color are very small, but that was kind of a no duh kinda thing. There are 48 colors in a book that is approximately 3''x5", you have to know what you're getting there. But the colors themselves seem to be packed in pretty tight, they don't chalk up and flake everywhere when you use them. Some of the colors I actually found to be rather difficult to get out of the pan and onto a brush because they are just so dense. Also, I like the color variety and I think that they are all very wearable colors. Some of the colors are kind of skimpy in the pigment department, but they layer pretty well.
Here's a close up of the left side of the BB. It has mostly light and neutral colors as well as a little mirror. I really wish it would have come with one of those little plastic mirror protectors or something because the mirror gets dingy so quick, but I can deal. It's not like I use the mirror anyway.
And a close up of the right side of the BB. This side has darker shades as well as more really cool colors. I really like the purple shade that's 4 down, 1 over. It's a very pink/purple, almost fuchsia. I love it.

Here are some random swatches I picked out of the BB. I applied 2 coats of each color on non-primed skin. The flash kind of bleached them out a little, sorry for the photo quality btw. My camera's been a little wonky lately and my editing skills are not top notch at this point. I am trying, please be patient!
But I have used the colors a few times now and I like them. You'll probably want to use primer or foundation to help the color stick as these are not long wear shadows. But the case is also small enough that you could easily take it with you to reapply as necessary.
Also would like to point out that the dark color in the middle swatch is the darkest color in the palette, located on the right side of the BB in the top right corner.

Would like to say that I am quite pleased with this product. It has a lot of variety and the colors are of a pretty nice consistently. The packaging, while not perfect, seems to be quite functional and durable. I've dropped mine twice while doing this review and nothing has cracked or fallen out, so yeah. And at $6 USD you really can't beat this. So yay e.l.f! You have delighted me once again with your extremely affordable and great products.

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